Class Walls

27 March

Good/positive/strong features

Clear division of sources and features
Bulleted info

Things to improve

Language in the title

constr. and constr.
.............The text and  the listening

More parallelisms

Word structures/senetnces

Negatives at the front cannot appear

A number of people try
A small perecnt of people try

The number of people tries

Parallelisms 1,2.......and n.
1 and 2.

Parallelism subjects
1 and 2 are

Passive voice – only when you do not know who carried out the action/ or it is of minor importance to you

Et cetera- and so on- etc.
Et al

Good/positive/strong features

Diverse reporting words

Paraphrasing is in place

Things to improve

No adverbial modifiers at the start

Reporting words should be used

Diversify your reporting words

For text
For listening Part 5