Thursday, 10 May 2012

Essay 16 May

Is a single individual important in research

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  1. Have you ever thought that one man has the power to change the whole world? Such well known figures like Mohamas Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, Nikola Teslo and others have already proven their worth several times. Their inventions, achievements, philosophy were the result that they have single-handedly through research gained such results that had a huge influence on mankind. Each one of them had a different, unique way of researching but the fact that expressed, showed their semilarity was the way they did it all by themselves. It‘s obvious no matter how you look at it, the role which is playd by one person can have a huge impact on the world. This leads to the question „how“ much is a single individual important in research?

    The first way to analize and answear this dilema is to understand the role of a single person involved in research. First of all – the idea. The person doing the research is the one with the grand idea. Only he knows his own desire and what he wants to achieve, in his head he has the pattern, the image of his creation and only he, ofcourse with help and resourses, can recreate that „light bulb“ which was floating over his head for some time. Speaking of light bulbs, Thomas Edison as an excelent example of how through years of dedicated research one can achieve such tremendous results. Although he had his own laboratory and lab members but still it was his genius that created the platform, atmosphere to work on such ground breaking inventiones as the light bulb which was mentioned. The idea is not worth much if you don‘t have the skills or talents to make it real. The skill to inspire, encourage others to believe that the person with the idea is not insane and persuading to help him realize his intentions is truly one in a million. I believe that countless tries were made by others but the lack of persuasive skills, resources, time killed those brilliant thoughs thus making us wait till that same idea arises to someone with a pocket full of greens.

    The second way is to recognize the hidden or visible talent of each lab member if your co-operating the achieve a common goal. By figuring that out, the next step is to introduce the person with the specific area of work which he will be doing and where his potential may prove worth. A single individual is an unbreakable part of the whole process. His importance in a group is like being a christmas tree light. If even one of those lights burns out, immediately it will reflect on others thus either imobilazing the whole procces of research or causing serious problems to the co-workers and to the research itself. Also a single individual may exseed your own expectations by introducing his own opinion on how to inrich the research. If his idea is productive then it can sufficiently improve the outcome of your invention.

    Personally I have encountered this dilema in which the whole job process was depending on one person and this one guy truly has suprised us with his skills which no one knew about till that certain moment when it was needed.

    All I can add that every one of us, as an individual, has the desire to feel needed, appreciated and supported by his co-workers because only then he will start believing that his contribution to the research is important.