Tuesday, 8 May 2012

8 May class

Sentence and paragraph level

HOMEWORK for 11 May

Work on the cohesion of your academic essay  by applying recomendations from the sources above

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  1. AlikasApr 24, 2012 05:27 AM
    First we had letters, and then came e-mail, now we are at breaking point of social networks. In the future we may achieve such power that we can telepathically connect with one another… But we are in the present, so maybe we should focus on problems caused due to already highly advanced technology. My point is that the people, try to make their lives as easy as possible, make it comfortable and always at our reach . The evolution of social network made it possible.
    This is an important issue, which is like a double edge sword. The dull part (the back) of the sword is the positive influence, which has just “crossed” all the hardships that were caused due to the lack of modern technologies. Such social networks as Skype, Facebook, Twitter and etc. make it look like we are neighbors even though we are separated by thousands of miles. One pleasant point, that surely has made its appearance, is that it has become easier to keep in touch with distant relatives, family and true friends that still take time to call you and ask how things are going…
    The razor sharp edge of the sword is the consequences and negative aspects raised from the “convenience” of social networks. The most powerful is the lack of real, direct interaction between people, who are bound by social networks. On facebook you can find information about the person you know or would like to be friends with thus your personal life becomes social, open to the media. Another aspect is having “millions” of friends on facebook. Robin Dunbar claims that having so many frieds is not impossible but also not recomended, because the relationship would be meaningless. According to his studies, it is best to have a small group of friends with whom you can be in touch. It is false to think that having many so-called „friends“ on facebook will make you more social. More than 65-70% of those „friends“ you wouldn‘t even recognise in person.
    Not long ago i attended a conference in ISM, where a display of social networks was held . There i saw a huge picture of a funural (the scene was in the church) to which only few people attended. At the doorway some teenagers were talking about how strange it was to see so few people, because the person who died had over 1000 friends on facebook... This idea trully made me realise, that facebook and other social networks cannot really maintain true relationships that can only be created directly knowing the person, whom you call a friend.
    It is impossible to live without social media, that‘s a fact, a person should observe what is happening around him. For that, ofcourse, social networks are a great deal of help. What i want to say, is that the people should use social media, networks for information, job interviews, indirect presentations, lectures from a distant countries and use less for relationships, that are indirect, meaningful, unbeneficial and worthless.
    Finally, what can be added, is that if we want to live to see the future where we can use talepathy, we shouldn‘t give up on such treasures as true friendship and family, which, to my believes, are still not consumed by everyday chaos. Otherwise there won‘t be any people left to use telepathy, only mindless robots.