Tuesday, 17 April 2012

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Is competition good?


  1. Is the competition good?

    Competition is the way to make market better. When two or more parties act independently to secure the business, a third party gets lot of benefit. A third party- consumers get greater selection and better products when firms develop new products, services and technologies. The greater selection typically causes lower prices for the products.

    However, competition may also lead to wasted effort and to increased prices in some circumstances. Copetition means that for new companies it is very hard to entry the market. This cause the monopoly of already existing firms who can control the prices and selection. Moreover with hard entry into the market new possible workplaces are not being created.

    Competition has to be balanced. The best solutions is little of competition. Too much of competition can lead the world to total monopoly where consumers are not able to choose and influence supply. In monopoly supply and demand is always fixed and marketer is guaranteed that there will not be any surplus of goods. If it would be oligopoly where is little of competition, marketers will not be able to have fixed demand, because the consumers will be able to choose and marketers have to compete to attract the consumers with new or renewed goods. Competition has to be created more for the consumer not for the marketer, for benefit to get.

  2. Is competition good?
    It is very important to understand the definition of competition nowadays. We compete everyday in different situations. In daily and casual life we confront competition in various ways. So, let’s discuss is competition good or bad?
    Every human knows that competition exist. We live in a competitive society and we can get away with not being competitive. For example when we go to school we already compete in sports, in class, for having friends or fancy clothes. Some people seem to need to do it ruthlessly, go a little overboard, such as cheating in sports (taking drugs or trying to eliminate someone from the race), and that is probably negative, but given human nature.
    On the one hand I think competition is good. Competition feeds innovation. Without competition there would be really no need to improve or invent anything. We have innovations in the field of medicine, for example, because we as humans are competing against illnesses. Lots of new things are invented and old things are improved when companies compete for consumer's money. Good example of this is the discounted goods we buy in supermarkets. Every day different supermarkets discount various items and each compete to sell goods in more lower prices. So, In order to stay in the game, prices has to be cut. It's a win for the consumer.
    On the other hand, competition is one of those things that is generally good, but can become bad. Refering to the organizations, competition forces small companies making good products out of business while large companies building cheap products rule the market. Competition itself is probably bad because it brings out the competitive side of people, and that means we try to succeed at the expense of other people. But I don't think the fact that we are competitive means that we ourselves are bad; it just means we are human. We all have competitiveness in us.

    All in all, competition is certainly a good thing, but like almost everything, it has limits.
    Competition produces change, and that change can be good or bad depending on your perspective. It's really important to remember that competition in most cases is there to provide thinking, doing innovations. And innovations are the most important thing in my opinion, which I think a lot of people forget or don't realise.


  3. Competition is a new version of motivation. In order to survive in today's business environment a company should be able to compete with already existing powerful companies or come up with a completely new product or service. In a battle over power over market Microsoft and Apple have introduced a huge variety of moder technologies without which we cannot imagine our everydays' life.

    But on the other hand, drastic competition might be the reason why so many small businesses fail before they are given a chance to succeed or enter the market properly. Despite being small, organizations might have a great impact on the current market if only they are given the chance, but they are not. Furthermore, small businesses pay taxes just like any other company and are considered as the ground of the country, what will a country do if small businesses cease to exist?

    Taking into consideration both sides, competition inspires companies and people to come up with better, more effective ways to survive in today's highly competitive market. Although, drastic competition might be fatal for small business, it improves the market quality.

  4. Is competition good?

    The best example to show that competition is good- sports! Competition push forward athletes to work harder, to compete with each other, motivates athletes to be the best, it helps to reach better results every time when you competing. When you are the best athlete you become popular, famous, rich and the biggest thanks for this success goes for competition. It is really hard to imagine sports without competition, then it wouldn’t be many athletes, the best athletes wouldn’t have to practice harder because they wouldn’t have competitors, there wouldn’t be new world records and all sport would be stopped.
    Of course, if we look the opposite view competition also could be and the bad thing in sports. People have vary different characters and some of them are to weak to compete with concurrents, they give up if someone get better results then he has, or one moment athlete are the best but he gets injured and when he back he sees that he isn’t best now and that makes him stop doing what he was best at. So competition sometimes can be really cruel, that is why not all people can be a sportsman.
    In conclusion, I think competition is important in sports, because with out it there wouldn’t be so many interesting sports games like basketball, football or even the fabulous Olympic Games. We all have to understand that not all of us can be the greatest athletes and if you are not competitive then sport is not for you.

    Karolis Murauskas.

  5. Competition in biology, ecology and sociology is a contest between organisms, animals, individuals, groups, etc. for territory, a niche, or a location of resources, for resources and goods, for prestige, recognition and awards, for mates and group or social status, for leadership. It is the opposite of cooperation. Some people just simply love to compete, others hate that. Competition affects plenty of spheres and is a natural thing. But how good or bad competition is?
    First of all, competition is good because it makes the competitors to show their best. Furthermore, competition is essential because it leads to one very important thing, innovation. Companies that compete create new features to their products, reduce the prizes or even come up with brand new products, technologies or etc. When a company sets a new standard, it gets more recognition and an increase a revenue. Then another company comes along and raises the bar, that company now gets the recognition and the increase in reven. In a monopoly markets which have no competition, innovations and new ideas are made less often than in markets where competition is at it’s best.
    On the other hand, competition is significant fact trying to establish new business. Huge number of business do not survive the competition from their competitors and they end up bankrupt. This is the main demerit of competition.
    To sum up, competition is inevitable and we have to compete all the time if we want to succeed. Competition brings out the best of people, organisations and etc. Competing is hard only for brand new business or weak persons.