Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lesson 9 Feb.

1)      Its hard/difficult to cope with new info.
2) The reason to go to lectures to meet new faces and cooperate to the goal.
3) Lecturer‘s have ways/methods to give the info in a easy way to understand.
4) Info is at the end, in the summary, note as importan as in the beggining.
a.        Voice ↑- new/important info
b.      Voice  ↓- end of info
5) The material is not for reading blindly, but to highlighting what is important.
6) Its valuable to understand marker phrazes, purpose, important questions.
7) Writing the hole sentences is  hard work so u should just shortn the words to the minimum.
8) Marking the intonations using marks ↑↓.
9) Using a diagram to make notes as  simply as possible.

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